3 Types of Dangerous People Part I

(I don’t own the rights to this pictures.) Hey lovely ones I hope everything in your life is progressing! If there is trouble progressing, and you’ve tried your best, here’s a perspective to look at. If you ever heard of Psalm 1, you may remember the phrase, “…a tree planted by the rivers of living […]

Investments Part III: Making Choice Investment Tips

(I don’t own rights to this photo.) Now that we’ve discussed how future, present, and past investments interconnect, let’s construct a game plan (solution). Step 1: Seek God (with prayer and fasting) about what his vision is for your life. Some of the things we desire of our futures come from God (even when we […]

The Mind is a Garden

We always hear the saying “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”, and while that’s true here’s why. Like a garden has to be cultivated and properly cared for, so does the mind. Anything that’s harmful to what’s trying to grow must go. That means weeds, insects and pests etc. have to be plucked […]

The Walking Dead

(Disclaimer: I don’t own any rights to the show, brand, photo, or any references of the Walking Dead brand.) Before The Walking Dead came out, I used to watch some of the Resident Evil movies as a kid. But after developing a disdain for dead things, I’ve scaled back on zombie entertainment. And even though […]