To all my music lovers out, here’s a classic just for you. As I contemplate what my fingers should type, my mind is racing over everything in my atmosphere. I didn’t know how to express my anxious thoughts or my slight OCD when things aren’t in order. What way could I share with the world […]


A masterpiece is a work of art that others appreciate. It’s appealing to the eyes, and captivating to the senses. Many desire to touch it once it’s completed. Everyone loves a masterpiece… when it’s a finished product. Every masterpiece has a beginning, an origin, or inception. But the genesis of every masterpiece isn’t a sight […]


I’ll never forget when I first heard Evanescence’s song “Call Me When You’re Sober” in middle school. I fell in love with Amy Lee’s strong, yet melancholy mezzo-soprano vocals that effortlessly intertwined with the piano. The intro of this song was a cry to the angsty, tired women of the 21st century. Her incessant pleas […]


Hey beautiful people! I want to pose a question. What feelings do you experience when you listen to Camila Cabello’s song “Havana”? Do you experience waves of infatuation? Does it remind you of a fresh fling with a lover? Does it make you want to take off to Havana for a getaway? I know when […]


Hey lovely people! I hope you’re having a good week thus far. I’m going to touch on something today, and you may want to buckle up for this one. WARNING: Side effects from this post will be snatched baby hairs, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Do not read while eating or drinking. Read separately, or read together […]


(I don’t own the rights to this photo!) Welcome to 2018, the year where everything changes based on your obedience and effort. Where your gifts aren’t enough to establish you without divine strategy and integrity. Where you’ll be passed over someone not as gifted as you, but they put in the work. Be like the […]

3 Types of Dangerous People Part III

Beautiful people! I’ve finally cleared cobwebs of confusion, clutter, and procrastination from my thoughts. And I’m finishing out this blog series! I believe this third category is more lethal than the other two. If we look back to Psalms 1:1, it mentioned ungodly counsel, and the sinner’s pattern (way). But the last type mentioned is […]